A nostalgic fantasy.
An unconscious reality.
Romance, renaissance, reminiscence.

Portrait of a boy, pearl earring.
Poised hands, delicate fragility.
A rouge tinted girl, upswept hair, alabaster skin.
Persuasion in their gaze, sensitive in their pose.
The beauty of imperfection.
Awkward attraction.


Falling foliage, cascading eyes, disproportionate cats.
The smell of open fields, fields of daisies; crocheted.
Imaginary worlds, memory or illusion?
The inner child, blissful and free.
Surrealist naïveté.

Rugged jute, soft hemp, embroidered flora.
Embellished denims, washed with years, with time.
Loose chainmail knits, protective yet calm.
Vintage tapestries.

Wanderers of the world.
The traveller, the collector, the archive within.
Belongings misplaced, a hat, erroneous.
Memorabilia of life.
An empty frame.
A dream.

Stained glass velvet; sheer lace, peacock in palette.
Fluid satin, summer tinged linen, regal greens and mahogany browns.
Embellished ribbons, brass chains, decorative tassels and twisted cords.
Fringe skirted garments, playfully nightmarish.

Painting a picture.
Words from a poet’s mouth.
Sounds from a memory.
Piano notes.

A love letter to self,
forget me not.

— LYNA TY, JUNE 2023