Jan Matejko, Stańczyk (1862)

Vinyl Vase, Studio Pirrie (2022)

The deviant one - a playful fool.
A chaotic character, denoting irony.
Theatrical tricks and wit,
never so serious,
yet agressive and dark.
Exhibits a disruptive nature,
rebellious, brooding.
Tending towards mischief and stirring trouble.
Challenging the norms with foolish games
and wordplay.

Melancholic acrobat.
A modern age jester, a joker
with clownish reflections.
Masking the inner self, the inner villain.
Grotesque emotions, a punk.
Duos, trios of personalities.
Clusters of antagonistic textures.
Tinges of deep melancholy tones,
testimony of a dark period.
a taciturn demeanour.
Imperfect beauty.
Seeking individualism,
for independence.

To belong to the same kind.