Le Bled - a connection to ones interior, the base source, our deepest roots.

20.1 Le Bled captures the personal journey taken by Lyna Ty to Tunisia for the first time, following her partner and his family to their hometown, Ksar Hellal of the Sahel regions. During the trip she was captivated and inspired by the culture, people and the surroundings she found herself within. Engrossed by the untouched raw cities of the areas visited, Ty began to contemplate what it meant to reconnect with ones home soil - the process of discovering the self in new yet seemingly familiar places.

The Arabic phrase bled (بلاد - balad) refers to the city, the region, but also the country or village of origin; for city dwellers, it means downtown. When employed by emigrants in French-speaking countries this slang like phrase is used to describe returning to ones home-town or place of origin. The place we come from, where we were born, where our family origins lie. In this usage a bled is often interpreted as a small village, with a pejorative or affective connotation of a place lost in space or time.

35mm imagery captured from first to last light of the Sahel regions by Lyna Ty have been translated into digitally-printed scenes and feature prominently across various styles. T-shirts and pullovers harbor direct on-garment prints whilst others, such as blazers, jackets and coats are finished with off-white digitally printed cotton patches, applied in a considered yet raw manner. All-over print fabrics were created specifically for 20.1 Le Bled - another first for this season - and have been executed in a range of seven key styles including the Coach Coat, Worker Jacket, Short Sleeved Oversized Shirt, Slip Dress and Pencil Skirt.

This season marks the second collaborative chapter with iconic brand, New Era. Featuring three hat styles realised in complimentary fabrics found throughout the collection, printed ‘Le Bled’ branding and tonal tape detailing.

Furthering the collaborative projects for the season, Song for the Mute continues to work alongside Josh Dowdle of Lastlings. Utilising excerpts taken from Tys videos of the region, these sounds were crafted into a sonic interpretation offered in cassette format that is reminiscent of the region itself and serves as an audio interpretation of the 20.1 Le Bled concept itself.